Corporate Social Responsibility

Safintra is commited to Social Corporate Responsibility and has been involved in various initiatives to uplift communities. These Initiatives focus on various social-economic areas such as health,education, job creation, early childhood development and enviroment to mention a few. We believe that we rise by lifting others and a better tomorrow starts by taking care of today. We would like to thank our communities for allowing us to work with them in these projects and we look forward to their continued support in identifying needs in which we can be a solution.We take a look at some of the projects Safintra has been involved in.


The lucky lucy foundation sponsorship

Safintra donates IBR Sheet to the Lucky Lucy Foundation
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Safintra roll-forms metal sheeting for the most innovative design demands and challenging structural requirements, offering a wide variety of profiles to suit the full spectrum of our client's needs.

Steel roofing is the preferred choice for professionals on the cutting edge of green building innovations. It enables a wide range of solutions that make buildings more energy efficient, less costly to construct, less wasteful to occupy and therefore more sustainable. 



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Pierced Fix Flashings - Functional and aesthetic flashings

Pierced Fix Flashings

Colorplus® - AZ material in a range of colours


Polycarbonate Sheeting - allow through natural light

Polycarbonate Sheeting



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