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Monday, 15 October 2018 20:31

East London CPD Event

East London CPD Event & Re-engineered Saflok 410 Clip launch:



Safintra hosted a CPD event on 24 August 2018; attended by leading professionals in the East London region. We are always excited to see the great ideas originating when leaders in the field get together. 

We are proud to present the re-engineered Saflok 410 clip. The Saflok 410 profile is one of the leading brand in the concealed fix market, proven to withstand extreme weather conditions. 


Thank you to all attending this event.  
We look forward to being your trusted business partner. 


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Monday, 15 October 2018 20:25

SA Roofing Magazine, Safintra Cover Page

HOW TO AVOID ROOFING PITFALLS, and more in the July SA Roofing Issue: Safintra South Africa Cover Page.


1. Know the climate and environment for the project – using incorrect material can lead to roof failures. Check the branding on the reverse side to confirm the specified material.

2. Incorrect fasteners can shorten the lifespan of the sheet and affect the warranty.

3. Ensure that accessories such as flashings match the roofing material.

4. Always insist on warranties for the steel material being used, and also for fasteners and insulation.


Safintra South Africa; World Class Roofing Systems. 


Download the full magazine here: https://view.joomag.com/sa-roofing-july-2018-issue-102/0776430001529496956?short



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Monday, 15 October 2018 19:27

Interbuild Africa 2018

39242298_1068337423317692_7034775802256293888_n.jpg  39208347_1068337156651052_2116087561620291584_n.jpg  39278295_1068337536651014_8746353534234001408_n.jpg  39262790_1068338159984285_1013121105101062144_n.jpg


Safintra South Africa was apart of the 2018 Interbuild Expo.

INTERBUILD AFRICA celebrated its landmark 50th birthday in 2018, with a long and successful legacy that has earned this event the title of Africa’s largest building services and construction exhibition.

INTERBUILD AFRICA, together with its world-class co-located shows, is the definitive showcase for the full spectrum of building, construction and related industries, taking place from the 15th to the 18th August 2018; bringing together over 350 exhibitors from over 20 countires world wide. 


Established in 1968, Interbuild Africa comes with a successful legacy as the definitive showcase for the full spectrum of residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Serving a critical role in South Africa’s building and construction SME market, Interbuild Africa has a formidable industry reputation with key industry visitors as the must-attend event, for the very best that the building and construction industry has to offer.



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Tuesday, 17 July 2018 14:40

Safintra Durban CPD Clip Launch

SAFLOK 700 CLIP LAUNCH - KwaZulu Natal April 2018


On the 20th April 2018, Safintra Durban hosted an educational morning for Architects during which the company showcased its revolutionary new Saflok 700 Clip. Hosted at the well-known ‘Village Table’ restaurant in Umhlanga the event was attended by over 70 architects from the greater Durban area. Guest speaker Philip Thornhill from TC Design Architectsstarted off the morning with an inspiring insight into his working life as an architect, and shared some tricks of the trade learnt during his illustrious career.

He was followed by Justin Jackson, Sales and Operations Manager of Safintra South Africa; who delivered a high impact talk on concealed fix roofing, and highlighted the advancements that have taken place recently including development of the newly redesigned and re-engineered Saflok 700 Clip which outperforms all others. 

The presentation included pictorials, severe weather systems that have recently been experienced in South Africa, and which demonstrated the applications for the new Saflok 700 Clip.
The CPD presentation was also delivered by Justin Jackson and based on feedback was very well received. The presentation is accredited by the South African Institute of Architects for its educational merit, and to see the guests taking extensive notes during the talk spoke volumes of the excellent content.


Congratulations to the Safintra Durban team for hosting this successful event.


Contact your nearest Safintra Branch to find out more.



Saflok 700 Clip  


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Tuesday, 17 July 2018 14:29

Safintra Sponsors QACCS Golf Day

Safintra South Africa was one of the the Main Sponsors of the 2018 QACCS Golf Tournament.


The QACCS National Golf Tournament (Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers) has been running since 1976 and remains a highlight of the social calendar for professionals in the construction industry.

The 2018 QACCS National Golf Tournament will took place from the 9th-11th May at Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate, KZN.

With QACCS KZN winning the Tournament. This year’s beneficiary of QACCS was CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa). It is always a honour to be involved with organisations that give back to those in need.

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Safintra CPD Presentation at The University of Pretoria:

The presentation focused on examining the evolution in materials and technologies over the centuries.

Understanding why metal is a good choice for roofing, understand legislative requirements in both roofing and thermal performance and identifying the guidelines to proper metal roofing specification.

Safintra CPD at University of Pretoria


For more information on the Safintra CPD Presentation contact us on: http://www.safintra.co.za/home/index.php/contact-us



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The highlight of the structural steel industry calendar, the 36th Annual Steel Awards hosted by SAISC (South African Institute of Steel Construction) was held on 13 September 2017. Garnering 56 entries from over 300 tems for projects demonstrating excellence in steel construction, this year's awards delivered on every front. Safintra South Africa sponsored the Factory and Warehouse category, while the overall winner for 2017 was announced to be the BMW H-EMS Roof Lift, submitted by Teichmann Structures – the main contractors for the project. In addition to being named overall winner, this project also won the Safal Steel Innovation Category.

 file-pdf Safintra Factory and Warehouse Category Winner             file-pdf Safal Steel Innovation Category Winner 





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South Africa embraces a variety of architectural styles, from Cape Dutch and French Huguenot to Tuscan and English. Some work, some do not, some are timeless, some are trite. But one fact is a game changer – the need to look at sustainability in the built environment. And steel roofing is leading the charge for change.

Roofing needs to rise to the challenges posed by global warming, the move to eco-neutrality, the rising cost of energy and the financial returns required by an investor.

Metal roofing has impeccable sustainability credentials, and its versatility makes it the material of choice for stunning architecture from modern to traditional. But it is functional performance that sets it apart.

A building is always an investment. So durability and the lifetime costs of occupation and ownership are critical. So too is its impact on the well-being of the people who live and work in it, and the way it uses resources. Quality components which are correctly installed in a well-designed roofing system offer returns that are financial, social and environmental.

The Safintra Innovations Roadshow will unpack a basket of best-of-breed components, which make up a metal roof system that delivers returns for the full occupied life of the building – each component separately warranted but when used together, the system stands apart.

  • For increasingly violent weather, Safintra has a new generation Saflok clip system for concealed fix roofing.
  • For energy-efficiency, Safintra has clamps that will make the roof a source of power without compromising the performance or warranty of the roof sheeting.
  • To minimise maintenance costs, Safintra offers fasteners which will have a life expectancy longer than that of the roof sheeting.
  • To reduce energy costs and lower the environmental impact, Safintra offers an over-roofing and roof spacer system which ensures the insulation you buy gives you the performance you paid for.
  • And to reduce its environmental impact, Safintra has the long-span Metsec steel purlin system.

Finally, Safintra will warrant the integrated roof system for performance – thermal, functional and durability. That is a game changer.  

Safintra South Africa
Tel: (011) 323 6300
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.safintra.co.za / www.safintra.com

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Sunday, 31 January 2016 12:52

How Much Does a Roof Weigh?

One important item is the weight of the roofing system. Today’s available roofing materials include a wide range of weights. For comparison, let’s look at the weight of one “square” of various products. A “square” covers 100 square feet of roof area.

  • ALUMINUM: 40 – 70 pounds
  • STEEL: 80 – 125 pounds
  • COPPER: 100 – 125 pounds
  • COMPOSITE / POLYMER PANELS: 150 – 275 pounds
  • FIBERGLASS / ASPHALT SHINGLES: 275 – 425 pounds
  • CONCRETE TILE: 400 – 700 pounds
  • SLATE: 900 – 1300 pounds
  • CLAY TILE: 1100 – 2000 pounds

Why Does Roof Weight Matter?

The weight of a roofing material, when carefully considered, can be a significant portion of your roofing decision.
Weight impacts key areas of overall roof performance

AGING STRUCTURES. As a structure ages, it weakens. Structural lumber may crack and foundations may move. A low weight roof system can prolong the structure’s life and integrity. A case in point is the First United Methodist Church in Sidney, Ohio. This impressive, looming structure had a clay tile roof that was about 80 years old when, at great expense, the decision was made to remove the tiles, clean them, put new underlayment on the roof, and re-install the tiles. Just a couple of years after this work was done, a major beam snapped above the sanctuary. It was unable to handle the weight of the roof.

SEISMIC ACTIVITY. In areas prone to seismic activity, heavy roofing can cause structures to slide off their foundations or even collapse. Lower weight products can be a good choice as much earthquake damage is sustained by structures with heavy roofs.

HIGH WINDS. Regardless of its weight, properly secured roofing materials can meet even the most strict wind uplift requirements. In the case of catastrophic storms, very heavy weight roofing materials pose a huge risk if they become airborne.

FIRE RISK. Many types of roofing materials are designed to resist combustion from exterior fires. However, most home fires start inside the structure. Firefighters are heavily trained in the risks of entering homes with heavy roof systems once the fire reaches the attic. Heavier roofs create a greater risk of collapse that could trap firefighters inside the structure. This means that firefighters have to contain the fire from the outside rather than enter the building and try to stop the fire.

RAW MATERIAL USE. Roofing materials come, in one way or another, from natural resources. The heavier the roofing material is, the more pounds of our natural resources are being consumed in order to create it.

TRANSPORTATION COST. Heavier weight roofing materials require additional fuel for transportation. With a low weight roofing material, as many as 300 squares or even more may fit on a semi-truck but weight limitations can hold that to 20 – 30 squares for very heavy roofing materials.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Heavy roofing materials typically have great thermal mass. While this thermal mass can offer some nominal R Value, it also holds heat. This means that summer heat absorbed by the sun can be held by the roof and continue to keep your attic hot even after the sun goes down.

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The use of aluminium-zinc coated steel as a practical cladding material is gaining popularity along the coast of Africa.

Bounded by three oceans and the Mediterranean Sea, Africa has a vast coastline of 26 000km. Its deep rivers and natural ports have been historically important trading hubs and remain as vibrant nodes of urban settlement and business.

The populations of this vast coastline are blessed with abundant natural materials for building, but increasingly, as new infrastructure development booms, the use of metal as a practical, durable cladding material is taking off.

The Safal Group is the sole licensee of aluminium zinc coating technology in Africa and sells its coated steel sheeting along 12 000km of this coastline, down the eastern seaboard from Djibouti to South Africa in the extreme south, and up westward to Luanda in Angola.

All coated steels are not the same

Steel plays a huge role in development, but it does have an inherent weakness – when used unprotected and exposed to the environment, it rusts and corrodes. To extend the service life of steel, it is generally protected with a corrosion-inhibiting coating.
The two most commonly used coatings to protect steel are:

  • Aluminium zinc coating (AZ) – aluminium and zinc.
  • Galvanised coating (GI) – zinc.

The addition of aluminium to zinc in the coating alloy extends the service life of a steel roof by up to four times that of galvanised steel.
Comparison between AZ and GI coatings.

Source: BIEC International Inc., licensors for aluminium-zinc coating technology used by Safal Steel and other Safal Group coating mills in Africa

Made for Africa’s coastline

Aluminium zinc coating technology, developed in the 1960s in North America, enabled coated steel to deliver a service life of decades, even in aggressive coastal conditions. This development revolutionised the metal cladding industry, and is today the most widely used coating technology worldwide.

In Africa this coated steel is branded Zincal and its factory colour-coated derivative is called Colorplus, produced in Africa at three coating mills owned by the Safal Group.

The thicker the coating, the longer is the resistance to corrosion and the longer the life of the protected steel substrate, and a coating of 54 microns on Zincal Ultima gives it corrosion-proof performance credentials which are suitable for coastal areas where only aluminium sheeting was previously specified.

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