How does a metal roof compare in cost with other roofing materials?
Because Aluminium-Zinc coated metal roofing (Zincal, Zincalume) is a top quality product, you can expect a new residential roof to cost about the same as a clay tile roof. In the longer term, homeowners see a significant financial benefit from a metal roof that, unlike tiled roofs, will not have to be substantially repaired for at least 30 years. A metal roof will also save you money on energy bills if properly insulated.


How will a metal roof stand up to extreme weather?

A metal roof can withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather like high winds, heavy snow, hailstorms, and even fires. Under high wind conditions, a well installed metal roofing system will have high wind resistance well in excess of SANS requirements.

What will happen to a metal roof in a lightning storm?
Lightning will generally strike the highest object in an area, regardless of the material from which it is made. Metal roofing does not create nor attract lightning and if struck, is non-combustible.
What about fire?

A metal roof is completely non-combustible and provides great protection from external fires. Additionally, the low weight of our products minimises any cave-in threat which might occur with an interior house fire.

What about hail?

Metal does not lose impact resistance with age – unlike most other products which become more susceptible to damage with each passing year. In the event of an especially severe storm, even if an indentation does occur, a metal roof will be as watertight as before.

Is metal roofing energy efficient?

Pre-painted metal roofing in the light colour range together with low thermal mass, means that it cools down quickly after a long hot summer day, providing cooler interiors. Conversely during the winter a highly insulated roof system responds quickly to retain heat within the structure and provide immediate comfort.

Is a metal roof environmentally-friendly?

A metal roofing system is a green roof – it is made from material with a recycled content of up to 60% and its long service life guarantees sustainability. Add in energy efficiency and the ability to be installed over most existing roofs (avoiding landfill disposal of old materials) and you have what is likely the most environmentally-friendly roof available to homeowners!

Is water run-off from a metal roof potable?


Yes, the water run-off from our products meets the World Health Organisation Standards testing. However, rainwater is variable across regions; atmospheric conditions should be considered in actual use. Water collected during the first or second rain fall after extended dry periods can be contaminated by dirt accumulation.


How to choose the right roof for my home/building

Metal roofing seems to have a lot of options; how can I sort my way through everything?

Safintra will work closely with you to choose the best roof for the purpose. One of the great things about metal roofing is the wide variety of products available. Our team is here to assist you!

Are all metal-coated or pre-painted steel sheets of the same quality?
The world’s most modern and widely used steel coating incorporates a mix of Zinc and Aluminium which work in harmony to provide optimal coating protection for the steel core. Global research has established that the performance of Aluminium-Zinc coated steel offers a service life at least 4 times longer than that of an equivalent Zinc galvanised sheet of the same coating thickness in the same application. As part of its commitment to world class roofing and materials, Safintra recommends that it supplies you with Aluminium-Zinc coated steel, the world’s leading metal coating technology for enhanced service life.
Are different materials recommended for different environmental conditions.
For inland and rural conditions, an Aluminium-Zinc coating of 150 g/m2 (known as AZ 150) will offer a durable service life of 15 years and more. For extremely corrosive environments, and within 1-2 km of the coast or similar, we recommend steel with a minimum coating of AZ 200 (a thicker Aluminium-Zinc coating depth) to endure these harsh environments. Safintra also supplies Aluminium and Rheinzink material for specialist applications. An alternative to AZ 200 coated steel is Aluminium. Aluminium is both lighter and softer than mild coated steel so is generally used in thicker gauges than steel. Rheinzink is a Titanium-Zinc material which is maintenance-free and offers a service life of 75 years or more in all environments. The material is available in three finishes: bright rolled, “pre-weathered blue-grey” and “pre-weathered graphite-grey”. Visit www.rheinzink.co.za  
Why use factory pre-painted metal roofing?
Factory pre-painted metal roofing retains its good looks and durability for decades, because it is manufactured under factory controlled conditions providing high quality finishes which are self-cleaning in the rain, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and have high thermal reflectance for better interior comfort. Colorplus and Colorbond are both premium quality colour coated products on an Aluminium-Zinc coated metal base.


What type of fastener (screw) should be used?
For optimal performance, the service life warranty of your fasteners must match the service life warranty of the sheeting being used. All fasteners recommended by Safintra carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty and have a coating system that complies with SANS1273 – 2009 (AS3566.2-2002) standards. Saflok Concealed Fix Systems will only be warranted if installed with Safintra approved fasteners. Only Class 3 & 4 fasteners are suitable for use with ZincAl / Zincalume/ AZ coated sheeting and Colourplus / Colorbond / pre-painted sheeting. Class 4 fasteners must be used within 5km of coast, river and corrosive environments. Aluminium roof sheeting: use ONLY stainless steel fasteners.
Must metal flashings be used or would waterproofing be sufficient?

Despite the advances in modern day external waterproofing products the harmful rays of the sun will eventually play havoc with their efficacy. These types of products, albeit very effective, should ideally be protected from prolonged exposure to the sun, so a metal flashing becomes the obvious solution.

Is metal roofing noisier than other roofing?

The “clicking” of a metal roof is mostly due to thermal expansion and contraction and is difficult to silence without insulation. When installed with quality insulation, you can also dampen the noise from rain, hail and bad weather as well – if not better – than that of any other roofing material.

Is a metal roof heavy?

A metal roof is, on average, 75% lighter than concrete tile and slate. This, coupled with the geometry of a profiled roof sheet, and its high strength to weight ratio, means that even the substructure can be much lighter, using far less purlins / battens than a clay tile roof.

Can one walk on a metal roof?

Yes. And metal roofs don’t lose their strength over time, making them as safe as when they were new. For heavy foot traffic we recommend walkways are installed over the roof – ask us for advice.

In case of renovation does an existing roof need to be removed to install a new metal roof?

Not necessarily. In most situations, a new metal roof can be installed directly over an old metal roof. Ask Safintra about the Ash-Grid over roofing solution which is both cost effective and highly efficient for insulation purposes, in line with new building legislation governing thermal efficiencies of buildings. It is a huge plus that a well-insulated roof on a well-designed building will dramatically reduce your energy bills!

What can I do to protect cut edges of metal sheets?
Cut edges and other areas where base metal are exposed may be protected by the metallic coating. This would depend on the severity of the incurred damage. Galvanic action, which is triggered when moisture is present, allows the coating to sacrifice itself thereby protecting the steel base.
What should be done if the paint gets scratched?
Touching up of Colorplus and Colorbond material is not recommended. Should the scratch or scuff marking be superficial it would be best left untouched. With deep scratches where the protective Aluminium-Zinc metal coating has been penetrated, replacement of the affected roof sheets should be considered.
Where do I find a reputable contractor/ could I install the product myself?

Safintra SA has a panel of approved installers that specialise in sheet metal roofing installations. Many will also offer you an installation warranty which gives you peace of mind.

Service Life

What is the lifespan of a metal roof?
The service life of roof sheeting in general is determined by three key elements (not limited to these only): the coating thickness of the sheet metal, the correct fastener class in use and the selection of a suitable product for the specific climatic zone. In combination, these elements form the corner stones to build a lasting roof.
Can I get a warranty on my Safintra metal roof?
Safintra metal roofing systems carry meaningful long-term warranties (of up to 20 years) against perforation of the roofing material. In addition, we will get you a warranty on the fasteners which will at minimum match the warranty on the roofing material. You can also request an installation warranty from our approved Installers.
What maintenance does a metal roof require?

Although metal roofing in itself is well protected from the elements, preventative maintenance is required to ensure optimal performance. This includes periodic inspections of the roof as well as regular washing down of pre-painted roofing with a hose pipe and plain water. Do not use hard brushes that will scratch the surface.