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As part of the Safal Group’s ongoing solutions driven development, the introduction of SAFSOLAR merges Safintra’s world-class concealed fix systems and metal coating technologies with customised PV power solutions to make buildings work harder and smarter for longer.

South Africa’s energy crisis has been front and centre of the national conversation for over a decade. This escalating issue together with global pressure to reduce emissions is resulting in increased demand for renewable, non-polluting energy sources. Largely as a result of our country’s abundant sunshine, South Africans have been quick to recognise solar power as a viable energy alternative. Solar electricity generation represents a clean alternative to electricity derived from fossil fuels. Solar power offers the following advantages:
  • Zero air and water pollution
  • No impact on global warming
  • No exposure to electricity price hikes
  • Removes any threats to public health
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The synergy between Safintra’s expertise in and knowledge of the roofing sector and SAFSOLAR’s PV focused products and solutions offers:
  • World-class concealed fix systems and metal coating technologies
  • Highest quality installations
  • Proven compatibility between PV module materials and AZ coated steel
  • Customised PV power solutions
  • Product and installation warranties
  • Guaranteed, forecasted PV output
  • Both grid-tied and off-grid solutions
  • Operation, maintenance and service packages
  • Customised finance network options
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