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    Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

    Safintra South Africa (Pty) Limited (hereafter referred to as Safintra), hereby guarantees Dumuzas product it sells will be free from manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials and hereby warrants Dumuzas roofing/cladding material for a period of 5 years from the date of supply under the terms and conditions set out below.

    A guarantee of replacement/restoration/remedy of products is issued by Safintra only if Safintra determines product is defective.


    1. The warranty applies only to Dumuzas roofing/cladding products manufactured and supplied by Safintra or its Dealers. The buyer is advised to cross-check for the relevant ink-jet markings beneath every sheet purchased at the time of the purchase.

    2. Dumuzas products must be handled and installed according to Safintra's recommended procedure. These recommendations may include those contained on the official quotation and invoice forms or in official printed literature from Safintra.

    3. Dumuzas products must be handled and installed by competent artisans (generally referred to as Fundis or contractors).

    4. Upon installation, care of the installed roofing material must be practiced according to recommended Safintra storage and handling conditions.

    5. Keep sheeting/coil dry at all times whilst stored/stacked in bundles prior to installation. Wet sheeting should be separated and dried to minimise any risk of accelerated corrosion due to "wet stacking". Where corrosion is present due to excessive moisture, the sheeting shall be excluded from the warranty.

    6. During construction, remove any swarf or other debris daily to minimise risk of localised corrosion.

    7. The responsibility of selecting suitable long lasting specified fasteners i.e. class 3 or 4, to be used with Dumuzas roofing and sides, rests solely with the buyer.

    8. The coating finish as supplied must not be scratched, abraded, or coated with any incompatible materials (including stack and flue deposits).

    9. Dumuzas AZ85 should be used in benign corrosive areas, greater than 5km from ocean, river, dam or industrial areas.

    Safintra undertakes to either:

    1. Replace the affected product or part of the product to meet the original warranty period; or

    2. Provide the cost of repairing the affected product.

    The warranty does not cover:

    1. Labour costs associated with the removal or repair of the defective product or installation of the replacement product.

    2. Product failure due to non-removal of debris to allow free drainage of water (including condensation) from all surfaces of the product.

    3. Corrosion commencing at the cut edges.

    4. Accidental or intentional damage by a person or animal beyond reasonable control of Safintra.

    5. Incidental indirect or special damage or loss of any kind whatsoever (including but not limited to damage caused by leaks).

    6. Unwashed areas sheltered from normal rainfall and not regularly washed down.

    7. Areas in metallic contact with incompatible materials e.g. lead, copper, carbon, graphite or stainless steel or the subjection to water run-off from such incompatible materials.

    8. Deterioration of the sheeting caused by contact with wet or green lumbar, treated timber and wet cement.


    1. Please read this warranty document carefully. Please attach your purchase receipt to this document and keep it safe. If in any event warranty repair is required, you must produce the purchase receipt and the warranty document.

    2. If repair or replacement is not practical, Safintra shall refund the purchase price less any applicable pro-rated deduction equivalent to the service provided.

    3. Safintra is not bound by any warranties or representations which are not recorded in the agreement.

    4. This warranty shall not be binding on Safintra unless the buyer makes payment in full.

    5. The warranty only applies to the Dumuzas products supplied and installed within 30 days of supply.

    6. Safintra has the sole discretion to determine the necessary measures to provide remedial activity.

    7. If any provision of this limited warranty is held by court to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force.