Corporate Social Responsibility


Safintra is commited to Social Corporate Responsibility and has been involved in various initiatives to uplift communities.

These Initiatives focus on various social-economic areas such as health,education, job creation, early childhood development and enviroment to mention a few. 

We believe that we rise by lifting others and a better tomorrow starts by taking care of today. We would like to thank our communities for allowing us to work with them in these projects and we look forward to their continued support in identifying needs in which we can be a solution.

We take a look at some of the projects Safintra has been involved in:


Safintra South Africa’s extends the giant corporate hand to little hands: 

This year Safintra South Africa undertook the primary sponsorship of the National QACCS (Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers) golf tournament. Not only was it a great success to network with professionals in the industry, but it also allowed for support of a great cause in South Africa.  Through the QACCS organisation, a worthy course is identified each year to donate the proceeds of their fundraiser to.  The 2018 charity that was supported by QACCS is the CHOC foundation (Childhood Cancer Foundation).

CHOC is a childhood cancer foundation that partners with treatment centres and parents to provide complete support for those less fortunate. The program covers all areas of childhood cancer from support during treatment and awareness prior to being diagnosed. In South Africa the survival rate of children with cancer is around 50%, compared to developed countries, where the rate exceeds 80%. In more affluent areas childhood cancer is largely curable but since a large population is below the poverty data line and reside in rural areas, treatment/medical centres are difficult to access, thus reducing the survival rate.

With this donation underprivileged children with cancer will be able to get transport to treatment/medical centres they need. They will be provided with accommodation as long as treatment is required, 3 meals per day, social work service and many other necessities.

Safintra_DBN_CSI_-_Choc_Cheque.001.jpeg Safintra_DBN_CSI.001.jpeg


Supporting the city’s finest attractions:

Safintra South Africa, Cape Town branch, began the journey last year of donating roofing materials to the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB).  The foundation is currently building extending their facility to cater for the increased need in the area.

Since then the project is completed in June 2018 and the new premise is fully functional helping thousands of sea birds every year. 

The SANCCOB not only helps thousands of birds per annum but also helps promote tourists to the Western Cape region to view the endangered African penguins. Due to the vast impact the current drought has caused in the Western Cape, it is essential to keep tourism thriving as that is a major benefactor to the economy. Safintra Cape Town has done just that and given tourists the chance to see these beloved creatures for years to come. 

Through this humble donation, Safintra contributes to helping the endangered African penguins stand a better chance of survival and repopulating the species as a whole. 


CT_4.jpg CT_5.jpg


SPCA Support:

Safintra Johannesburg donated roofing material to re-roof temporary shelters for stray animals at the SPCA in Tshwane.  These animals touched the hearts of the staff at the branch and this year during winter, the staff took it upon themselves to keep their support going for this worthy course. 

A group of the Safintra Johannesburg employees, headed up by Zanthia Wilson, rallied up and donated money out of their own pockets to buy blankets for the SPCA animals.   

SPCA_6.png SPCA_2.png


Safintra donates IBR Sheet to the Lucky Lucy Foundation for the Open Cat Garden:

The_lucky_lucy_foundation_sponsorship.png    Lucky_Lucy_foundation.png








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