New clamping system available in South Africa

Safintra has secured the sole distribution rights to the widely specified above-roof clamp range known as the S-5. These clamps are designed for the solid attachment of almost anything to metal roofing or side cladding, from photovoltaic panels to HVAC systems or signage.  

The non-piercing system enables panels, aerials and wind-breaking devices to be fitted and attached above the roof without compromising weatherproof performance.

S-5® clamps are available for virtually any metal sheeting profile and are made from solid aluminium. All additional hardware, such as bolts and plates, use non-corrosive 300 series stainless steel, which is totally compatible with aluminium-zinc coated metal sheeting, sold in South Africa as Colorplus, Colorbond, or as Zincal or Zincalume.

Sally Stromnes, Group marketing manager of Safintra, says the clamp technology used on concealed fix panels involves gripping the seam in such a way that there is no penetration of the panel material. This means that sheeting warranties are preserved intact. And the holding strength of the S-5® clamp is unsurpassed, with ultimate load-to-failure rates averaging more than a ton. “In some cases this load-to-failure value is over four tons.  

“These S-5 clamps use patented, round-point set-screws which will not void the sheeting’s warranties. This is a critical factor for any investor who expects the building to perform for an effective occupied life of at least 20 years, if not more,” she says.

Stromnes points out that it is common practice for most roofing clamps and grips to use “cup-point” screws, which cut through the protective coating causing corrosion and voiding warranties.

“We will continue to drive innovations, which raise the bar in metal roofing solutions,” says Stromnes.

“With our focus on sustainability, it is inevitable that metal roofing will become the material of choice for property owners and it is our mission to make a world of difference in the roofing market.

“This objective is more relevant today than ever before,” she adds.
The built environment is responsible for 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and uses one third of the world’s resources, implying that it is now vital to build sustainable and environmentally-friendly structures.

The South African SANS 10400 energy-efficiency standards are now a requirement for all buildings, and this in itself will drive innovation in design and construction. A well-designed roofing system is a critical part of a building’s durability and service life.
For roofing, sustainability is associated with using fewer raw materials while delivering a longer lifespan, and remaining functionally efficient.
•    The technology used to make aluminium-zinc coated steel roofing provides up to four times the lifespan of alternative steel coatings.  
•    Steel roofing can accommodate solar panels and water harvesting systems without compromising the performance of the roof.
•    Steel roofing is more thermally efficient than roof tiles when using insulation.
•    The ease of over-roofing or retrofitting insulated steel is increasingly important for architects and building owners.
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