Safintra on OntbytSake

Safintra South Africa's Business Head; Rainer Straussner showcased the Safintra KZN branch on OntbytSake, Channel 144 & 145, Kyknet and Kyknet&kie on Dstv.



About Ontbytsake
Affordable television exposure
7:30 - 9:00 Saturday & Sunday morning on kykNET

The Ontbytsake logo and distinctive theme music open this one and a half hour television program packed with informed business entertainment.

Ontbytsake is a magazine-style television program that passes the country and neighboring Namibia to give small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity for television exposure.

Ontbytsake is designed to provide alternative Afrikaans screening on KykNET during the weekend and the program format and presentation style is unique.

The program is hosted by well-known economist Dawie Roodt, and celebrities from business, arts, sport and politics are weekly in the studio as main gas.

Dawie also provides reviews of the week's economic highlights and gives feedback on the investment markets.

Co-presenter, Eloise Cupido, pace the program and keep the assessment light while Small and Medium Businesses always remain an integral part of the content.

Guests range from singers like Kurt Darren, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Adam Tas and Juanita du Plessis to businessmen like Steve Booysen, Nicky Oppenheimer, Brand Pretorius and characters like Dowwe Dolla, Marc Lottering, Casper de Vries and Shaleen Surtie Richards to make light entertainment.