Recommended Materials

Recommended Roofing and Flashing Materials

The world’s leading metal coating technology for enhanced service life

Safintra recommends that it supplies you with aluminium zinc coated steel, the world’s leading metal coating technology for enhanced service life.

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Safintra also supplies Aluminium and Rheinzink material for specialist applications. Different materials are recommended for different environmental conditions. For inland and rural conditions, a coating of AZ 100 will offer a durable service life of 15 years and more.

For coastline, riverine and other corrosive environments, a coating of AZ 150 is recommended. Within 1-2 kms of the coast, we recommend steel with a minimum coating of AZ 200 to endure these harsh environments.

  • An alternative to AZ 200 coated steel is Aluminium.  Aluminium is both lighter and softer than mild coated steel so is generally used in thicker gauges than steel.
  • Rheinzink is a top-quality titanium zinc material which is maintenance-free and offers a service life of 75 years or more in all environments.  The material is available in three finishes: bright rolled, "prePatina BlueGrey" and "prePatina GraphiteGrey". Safintra can roll form the Classicor® Corrugated and Saflok® 410 profiles in Rheinzink.



Flashings and roofing accessories:

Safintra manufactures flashings and roofing accessories in aluminium zinc coated steel, for exact colour matching to the roof, and to ensure compatibility of materials for extended service life.



Failure of the fasteners is one of the most common causes of roof failure.

For optimal performance of the roof structure, fasteners must offer a service life that is at least equal to the expected service life of the roof sheeting.

  • Safintra will only recommend fasteners that carry a manufacturer’s warranty on service life and coating, and have a coating system which complies with SANS 1273 –2009 (AS 3566.2-2002)
  • Only Class 3 or 4 fasteners should be used with Aluminium Zinc coated steel (unpainted or pre-painted)
  • Class 4 fasteners must be used in highly corrosive conditions, and within 1-5 km of coast or rivers.
  • Only use stainless steel fasteners with Aluminium roof sheeting.
Safintra recommended fasteners

Ask Safintra for technical advice on materials, applications for different environmental conditions, and the relevant warranties you may wish to request.




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