ZINCALUME® steel comprises coating composition of 55.0% aluminium, 43.5% zinc, and 1.5% silicon. The minimum coating mass of 150 g/m2 (AZ150) offers superior corrosion performance under varied conditions, when compared with other metallic coated steel. With additional proprietary surface treatment, ZINCALUME® steel also provides a combination of benefits just not available with generic Aluminum/Zinc ( Al/Zn) coated steel alternatives.



Ten Facts of ZINCALUME® steel:

1. ZINCALUME® is the brand name of BlueScope’s premium metallic coated steel product.

2. BlueScope is the pioneer in introducing aluminium/zinc alloy-coated technology. ZINCALUME® steel now has more than 35 years of proven field performance around the world.

3. ZINCALUME® steel has provided more than 10 million tonnes of roofing and wall cladding since 1976.

4. In Malaysia, ZINCALUME® steel is only manufactured by NS BlueScope Malaysia, an ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 certified company.

5. ZINCALUME® steel is guaranteed to achieve a material strength of 300MPa (G300) or 550MPa (G550) as specified.

6. With a minimum coating mass of 150g/m2 (AZ150) – proven by triple spot test, ZINCALUME® steel provides corrosion resistance up to 4 times the life of galvanized steel with similar coating thickness.

7. BlueScope’s extensive research and development program bring continuous improvement to the performance of ZINCALUME® steel. With proprietary surface treatment, ZINCALUME® steel has greater resistance to weathering and surface marking.

8. In assurance of highest product quality and performance, ZINCALUME® steel is SIRIM certified according to Australian Standard AS1397 and Malaysian Standard MS1196.

9. ZINCALUME® steel is SIRIM Eco-Label (Coated Steel) certified to meet requirement of green rated building materials.

10. ZINCALUME® steel is backed by a BlueScope warranty* for up to 25 years against perforation by corrosion.




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