Is an angular trapezoidal fluted sheet and is similar in appearance to IBR profiled sheeting, the difference being the cover width of the sheet, and the depth of the flutes. Widedek sheeting has a cover width of 760mm and the depth of the flutes on Widedek is 28,5mm. The Widedek profile has a bigger cover width than IBR, resulting in a saving on sheeting.


Product Description and Features:

Widedek is an angular trapezoidal fluted sheet and is similar in appearance to Tufdek IBR profiled sheeting, the difference being the cover width of the sheet, and the depth of the flutes.

Widedek sheeting has a cover width of 760mm and the depth of the flutes on Widedek is 29mm.

• The Widedek profile has a better cover width than Tufdek IBR, resulting in a saving of ±10%.

• To achieve the same coverage less sheets are required to be erected, thus saving on time and labor.

• The advantage of using Widedek in place of a sinusoidal corrugated profile is its strength. The spanning capacity of Widedek is greater than the corrugated profile thus requiring less purlins, resulting in a further cost saving in material and installment cost

• Widedek can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to a wide range of radii.


Sample Specification:

Safintra 0,5mm thick AZ150 Zincal® Widedek profiled roof sheeting, fixed to intermediate steel purlins at 1700mm centres and to ridge and eaves purlins at 1500mm centres, with #12 x

65mm Fixtite® or Safintra approved hex head self-drilling fasteners at every second crest at intermediate purlins and every crest at eaves purlins in accordance with the manufacturer’s


The sheeting shall be Widedek trapezoidal type profile as manufactured by Safintra. The profile shall be roll-formed with 5 trapezoidal ribs at 191mm centres with a nett cover of 760mm. The rib height shall be 29mm and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.



Purlin Spacing: 

Purlin Spacing's are dependent on both downward loading and negative suction loading caused by wind. An engineer should be consulted to calculate your load (kN/m2) for your particular application.



Lengths and Roof Pitch:

When using Widedek sheeting the recommended minimum pitch for roof slopes in excess of 15m is 10° and for slopes less than 15m is 7.5°. Widedek sheeting can be ordered in any

length, subject to transport limitations of up to 13,2m. Longer lengths require special transport arrangements.


Fixing Guide: 

Widedek is pierce fixed to timber or steel supports. This means that fastener screws pass through the sheeting. Always drive the fasteners perpendicular to the sheeting, and in the center

of the rib. It is recommended that side laps be stitched at 500mm centers with #14 x 22mm metalfix stitching fastener. It's further recommended that every rib is fixed at the eaves, ridges and the apex of the roof.

Side laps to be sealed using a suitable butyl product or neutral cure silicone.


Refer to the Fixtite Fastener section for fixing guidelines.




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