Safintra Specialised Services 


Safintra Specifications APP:

Download Safintra South Africa’s market leading Roofing Specifications APP.

Created for Architects and Built Environment Professionals; designed to simplify metal roof & cladding specifications.

12 Design steps to take into account all the factors affecting design and performance to ensure that the end specification is both accurate and appropriate - brought to you by Safintra South Africa. 



Bullnosing, Cranking & Curving:

Cranking of a profiled sheet incorporates lateral rib indentations pressed in at uniform distances which vary according to the radius requirements.


It should be noted that Aluminium has an expansion co-efficient which is twice that of conventional steel substrates. If the sheet is to be bullnosed on one end, then expansion must be allowed for in the opposite direction.

With the use of Saflok 700 this problem is reduced due to the fact that the profile will slide on the clip.

Standard Crank: 

Standard cranking is normally with the narrow flute uppermost and the bend away from the angular inclination.

Reverse Crank: 

Reverse cranking is normally with the narrow flute downward and the bend into the narrow flute. Applies to pierced fix profiles only.



Safintra On-Site Rolling; Mobile Mills:

- Saflok 410 


- Saflok 700


- Newlok



Safintra Technical Estimate and Support Services: 

Safintra offers technical support from all its branches. This service is further supported by a National Engineering division with a primary focus on research and development, project guidance, trouble shooting and training in the professional sector.

Safintra is a SAIA accredited CPD presenter and prides itself on the continuous development of training material.

A central estimating department is available to support with material quantity requirements.



Customised Flashings:

With industry leading technology, Safintra can cater for individual site requirements.

Customised_Flashings.image.png   Flashing_Folding_Machine.image.png