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Saftherm Radiant Barrier

Product Description & Features:

Saftherm Radiant Barrier is your first line of defense against radiant heat and is made from high quality aluminium and other materials to reinforce the membranes. This reflective foil adds to indoor comfort against heat, cold, dust, moisture and reduces energy consumption. It also aids in energy consumption.


Sample Specification:

Safintra Saftherm 202FR double-sided reflective aluminium foil radiant barrier, installed with an air gap over purlins on pvc-coated straining wirespaced at 275mm centers, in accordance with the

manufacturer's recommendations.






Saftherm Polyester Fibre Blanket

Product Description & Features:

Polyester Fiber Insulation Blanket manufactured using recycled polyester (PET plastic soft-drink bottles etc.). Supplied in the form of rolls in various thickness.



Saftherm is friendly to the touch, will not irritate the skin and does not affect breathing in any way. Saftherm has been tested by SABS, for thermal performance as well as for fire propagation (test reports available on request). Saftherm is manufactured to ISO9001 Standards.

Saftherm does not collapse over time and retains its “loft”. On flat ceilings Saftherm can be laid in between the trusses on top of the battens.

VOC Free / ODP 0%

*750mm wide rolls available on request.

Sample Specification:

Safintra Saftherm Polyester Fibre Blanket, 100mm thick, with a density of 10kg/m3, and a R-value of not less than 2.0m2K/W, cut to size and laid over battens within the ceiling void, off cuts to be inserted between the ceiling and rafter to ensure complete coverage.





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