For Industrial & Architectural Applications


Product Description & Features:

Safintra offers a range of locally manufactured architectural and industrial louvres as well as air vents for a variety of air intake or exhaust applications. All Vents and Louvres are manufactured from Aluminium-Zinc coated steel or Aluminium, to match the roofing material used, providing maximum corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal. All our products are custom made to your specific requirements.


The importance of ventilation:

Ventilation is important as it regulates the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within the building. Ventilators evacuate stale air from within a building, replacing it with cool fresh air from fixed louvres and other openings at low level. Good building ventilation will also assist in maintaining indoor air quality in buildings by limiting the concentration of carbon dioxide and airborne pollutants such as dust, smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Natural ventilation refers to the process of supplying and removing air to and from indoor spaces by deliberate natural ventilation strategies, as opposed to mechanical ventilation.

The South African National Standards (SANS 10400 O & T)require buildings to have openings on suitable positions:

• Natural ventilation through the exterior wall in the form of

openable doors and windows (including Louvre’s and Ventilators) of which the aggregate area is at least 5% of the floorarea.

• Natural ventilation through the roof, such as ventilators, of which the aggregate area is at least 2% of the floor area.

• Mechanical smoke ventilation or roof ventilators of which the aggregate area is between 3% and 5% of the floor area.

Safintra Ventilators & Louvres

Safintra manufactures bespoke ventilators and louvres for natural ventilation. They are not mechanical, and require no power.

Features & Benefits

• Available in a variety of colours to complement architectural features

• Wide range of fixed louvre shapes available

• Various dimensions of ridge & slope mounted ventilators

• Manufactured from Aluminium-Zinc coated steel or Aluminium, to match the roofing material used & ensure aesthetic appeal.

• No operating costs


Technical Services & Support:

Safintra offer full technical support and advice from project design to installation. It is strongly recommended that an approved installation company is appointed to install any roofing system or component thereof. This includes sheeting, louvres and ventilators.

Accessories, such as flashings, bird/vermin proofing available on request.


Maintenance & Care Instructions:

Fasteners & Accessories

• All fasteners should have rubber sealing washers which should be free of carbon fillers.

• Fasteners should be as durable as the roof sheeting. We recommend the use of Fixtite® fasteners or Safintra approved fasteners for both Zincal® and Colorplus®.


Safintra Fixed Louvres (SFL):

The Safintra range of fixed louvre systems are designed to complement any metal cladding profile and are ideal for use in commercial applications both for practicality as well as architectural aesthetics.



Sample Specification:

Safintra branded SFL4 fixed Louvres in AZ 150/200 in Square/Rectangular/Round/Triangular (in height x width (mm)), in Zincal®/Colorplus® (specify colour), mounted in a metal surround frame, into cladding /masonry, flashed according to manufacturer’s recommendations.


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