SAFLOK 410 Establishes Firm Fan Base During Regional Roadshow

by | Jul 1, 2021 | 📁 Saflok 410

(This article was featured in Leading Architecture & Design June/July ’21 Issue)

Safintra South Africa, a member of the SAFAL GROUP OF COMPANIES, has over the last 30 years established itself as a leading supplier of world-class roofing systems in the South African market. A firm favorite amongst the design community, and with Service Centres strategically placed over 10 regional hubs, the company is ideally positioned to provide tailor-made building solutions that are unique to a particular region.

A fitting example of this approach is none other than the SAFLOK 410 profile, which has over the last decade established itself as the product of choice amongst industry professionals when it comes to metal cladding. With over 10 million square metres successfully covered over this time, and not a single sheet lost through deficient performance, the product is ideal for the demanding weather challenges in the product’s traditional market space of the Western and Eastern Cape regions. Skillful strategic thinking during the challenging economic times presented by Covid-19 has prompted the Safintra brains trust to centralise its operations, and to avail SAFLOK 410 mills for the Gauteng and KZN markets where dramatic changes in weather patterns during recent years have presented a unique opportunity for narrow width concealed fix systems.

As part of this endeavour, the SAFLOK 410 profile was tested at the CSIR facilities in Tshwane by a leading wind-load specialist and respected engineer, Dr Adam Goliger. Not only to update available test data, but also to position the product as one of the few in South Africa with credible test results in line with the requirements of the latest National Standards. Astounding results were achieved, placing SAFLOK 410’s performance parameters at the very apex of the concealed fix landscape.

Of course, such unprecedented and excellent results had to be celebrated and shared with the industry, and consequently Safintra embarked on a regional roadshow for Gauteng and KZN to introduce SAFLOK 410 to respected captains of industry.

A select group of key influencers and recognised industry leaders were invited to join Safintra as eager participants on the four-week SAFLOK 410 roadshow to showcase the brand and establish it as the high performance concealed fix system of choice in the industry.

Safintra - TM 33169SAFLOK 410 Establishes Firm Fan Base During Regional Roadshow📁 Saflok 410

The event can only be described as an overwhelming success – established relationships were reinforced and new friendships were moulded as SAFLOK 410 quickly carved out a keen fan base amongst attendees.

Once again, Safintra has unequivocally demonstrated why they are widely regarded as the leader in roofing innovation and supplier of world-class roofing systems. SAFLOK 410 is undoubtedly the best concealed fix sheeting system in Africa – we are Building Africa with Pride.

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