What Is Concealed Fix Roofing & What Makes It Exceptional?

by | Jul 12, 2021 | ๐Ÿ“ Saflok 410

Concealed fix roof sheeting offers a concealed fixing method when installed on roofs, in essence ensuring no piercing of the roof sheet itself once the roof has been assembled. 

This type of roofing has attained its position as the preferred system for long-span or low-slope roofs due to its versatility, durability and proven functionality. Concealed fix roofing sheets are mainly used for commercial and industrial applications but have also become extremely fashionable in high-end residential applications. In fact, the concealed fix profile has created a completely new design trend within the residential housing arena because it allows for the construction of roofing systems which were never previously possible when using traditional pierced fixed profiles and tiles.

One of the main benefits of concealed roof sheeting is that the sheets are secured to the purlin with a clip system from underneath and are not pierced with any fasteners. The clips which are required to fix the sheets to the purlins serve two purposes. Firstly, they sidestep the need for holes in the sheet (which prevents the possibility of leakage through perforation). Secondly, when faced with changing thermal conditions the roof is allowed to expand and contract in a sliding movement over the clips which helps to prevent tearing around the fastener points.

Concealed fix roofing solutions can handle the most robust of weather conditions with ease and offer superior performance under foot traffic and associated roofing workloads.

Additional Benefits of Concealed Fix Roofing Systems:

โ€ข Aesthetically pleasing with no visible fasteners on the roof

โ€ข Versatile application on both high pitched roof slopes and almost flat roofs

โ€ข Watertight roofs with no exposed fixings and therefore less prone to leakage

โ€ข No limit to the length of the roof sheet as roof sheets that exceed transportable lengths can be rolled on site to provide a fit for purpose solution

โ€ข No end laps eliminate potential for ingress at laps along with accelerated corrosion 

โ€ข Outstanding thermal and acoustic performance

โ€ข Can be used in conjunction with Green Roof systems

โ€ข Available in a range of materials including aluminium, aluminium-zinc coated steel, zinc coated steel and Rheinzink

โ€ข Increasingly secure with non-visible fixtures preventing easy removal to gain access to a building

โ€ข Roof sheets can be disassembled and recovered for later use

The secret to Concealed Fix is in the clip

When it comes to concealed fix roofing, the design of the clips is of paramount importance. The clip serves as the โ€œanchorโ€ which secures the sheet to the sub-structure and holds it down in all weather conditions. The performance of the clip is determined by many factors including the engineered design of the clip itself, the integrity of the metal used to produce the clip from, and the interaction between the concealed fix sheetsโ€™ geometric design and the clip. Therefore clips have a direct impact on the wind-uplift resistance of the system.

Saflok 410 – the pinnacle of concealed fix roofing

Saflok 410 is Safintraโ€™s premier concealed fix profile and has been effectively used for over a decade along the notoriously wind-torn coastline of the Western and Eastern Cape. The interaction between the profileโ€™s innovative geometric design and the performance of its second-generation clip is the key to its success.

Saflok 410 was recently tested by a specialist engineer at the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), with the results confirming the profileโ€™s exceptional serviceability, wind uplift resistance, and point load resilience. These tests serve as further proof that Saflok 410โ€™s highly engineered clip system performs like no other and is a match for the most extreme wind conditions found in South Africa.

Safintra now has mobile mills in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, while continuing to service the Western and Eastern Cape regions where Saflok 410 initially proved its worth. The profile can be ordered in any length required although on-site rolling is recommended for lengths in excess of 13.2 metres due to practical transportation requirements. This best-in-class concealed fix profile is backed by a full Safintra warranty and is available countrywide.

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