Approved Roofing Contractor Training


This training is aimed to serve as a cornerstone for optimal product performance while upholding the highest industry standards.  It is designed to highlight and inform the audience of the key elements considered in the warranty process.  Further to this, it shares case study learning from specialised installations.  This training does not provide basic practical elements, but rather a high level of understanding practical implications of installation considerations.  It is imperative to understand product systems to optimise the performance of the roofing system and therefore the key takeout of this session involves more than just roof sheets and related products, but also the functional performance of the whole system of products.

  • Applicants are to have an active trading account for more than 6 months
  • Applicants are to have credit guarantee account approval
  • A minimum of three roof inspections are to be completed with zero defects
  • All sub-contractors undertook the Safintra approved training session.  Register of attendees, including copies of ID’s/driver’s license required for serial number identification on the certificate.
  • Should an approved contractor have a dormant account for more than 12 consecutive months, the contractor will lose approved contractor status.
  • Warrantee Application needs to be adhered to: registers of sub-contractors installing a specific roof is required and the serial number of certificates are required to obtain warranty.
        • Submit a training request to:
          - Contact your local Safintra Sales office
        • Schedule your sessions to accommodate all your relevant staff (more than one session can be booked)
        • Who should I sent to the training session:
          - Installers
          - Site Managers
          - Sub-Contractors
        • What do you need to bring to the training session:
          - ID’s
          - All else will be provided