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Safintra – the trusted name for World-Class Building Solutions

Safintra was founded in 1991 as Southern Africa’s premier provider of roofing systems and over the ensuing decades has evolved to offer a world-class selection of building solutions. We supply a range of individual products and roofing/cladding systems which perform optimally for decades.

Our wide choice of profiles includes the highly respected Saflok and Newlok concealed fix systems, along with a comprehensive range of building solutions accessories and associated products offering customers a complete cladding and roofing solution. These include made-to-order flashings, ventilators and louvres, along with accessories such as warranted Fixtite fasteners, the Saftherm range of insulation products, and newly introduced building innovations including SafBuild, SafSolar, and Dumuzas.

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Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Mthatha and Bloemfontein.

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Building Solutions Offer Lasting Value

Safal Group Building Solutions businesses provide customers with the assurance of superior quality, which translates to lasting value and peace of mind. The Safal Group is the largest producer of metal roof sheeting in Africa.

Sheeting is offered with a complete range of accessory products as part of a Safal-warranted cladding and roofing system. Quality assured accessories include Fixtite fasteners, Saftherm Insulation, RainGain water goods, tailor-made ventilators and louvres, and more.


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Where Quality Comes Standard

An Africa Built With Pride


- Africa’s largest manufacturer of steel roofing
- The continent’s first producer of aluminium-zinc coated steel
- 2 500 people employed in 8 countries
- Africa’s most loved and trusted roofing brands

In all its processes and practices, through its products and its people, in its business performance and its ethics, the Safal Group continually strives to Build Africa with Pride.



About the Safal Group

The Safal Group is Africa’s largest supplier of Building Solutions that offer superior quality and lasting value to millions of customers on the continent.

Businesses in Eastern and Southern Africa supply a diverse range of markets and customers with brands that are trusted to perform and are market leaders in their field.

The Safal Group has two fields of core expertise:
• Safal Technology, used in its Metal Coating businesses
• Safal Engineering, used in its Building Solutions businesses

The Safal Coated Steel businesses manufacture metal coated and colour-coated steel which is specifically produced for use in African conditions.

The Safal Building Solutions businesses transform the coated steel into a range of proprietorial products such as sheeting and cladding systems, light steel trusses and decking, and even entire steel buildings ready to erect on site.

All Safal products are proudly designed and made in Africa with pride and care to world-class standards of performance. They are sold under respected brands that are trusted to deliver durability and long-term value.

A Proud Heritage

The Group opened its first manufacturing facility in Mombasa, Kenya in 1962. In 2003, all operating companies were reversed into the current holding company called Safal Investments Mauritius Limited, referred to as the Safal Group.

Today, the Safal Group manufactures a wide range of building solutions for the fast-growing construction markets of East Africa, exporting inwards to all adjacent countries in the greater region.

The insights and experience gathered over a period of 60 years and more enable the Safal Group to stay at the forefront in providing premier building systems and solutions that are backed up by decades of technical, design and engineering expertise.


An Africa built with pride.


To deliver trusted building solutions that are made with pride and care to provide superior customer value.


A strong customer focus
Excellence in all we do
Partnerships for shared success
A commitment to Ethics and Compliance
To care for our Employees, our Communities, and the Environment

World-class people for world-class business solutions

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Safintra prides itself on the commitment to excellence from our people who help us deliver the best solutions for our customers and create value for our internal and external stakeholders. We provide an environment of learning, self-development, and growth that results in passionate output towards the realisation of our vision and mission. We nurture and build great talent that helps in driving our Company forward while pursuing their ambitions and careers within the Company and the Group. We value our people and the amazing contribution they make for our success gets recognised and rewarded. Development and growth opportunities abound for people dedicated to our growth and success. We are a great employer in an exciting business.



Safintra is a proud member of SAMCRA and the SAISC

As leaders in the business solutions industry, we are proud to be affiliated with the following organisations:

Everyone acquainted with construction will agree that the extensive metal roofing industry, which plays such an important role in the environmental performance of buildings, is in urgent need of a make-over. The substitution of specified materials with inferior products, particularly in the emerging sector, has become rife with price prevailing over structural performance and durability. In an attempt to restore credibility in the industry concerned players, from all sectors, have formed the Southern African Metal Cladding and Roofing Association (SAMCRA).

​With access to experienced and qualified individuals, and over 60 years worth of local Southern African project case studies, the SAISC is well placed to assist with technical queries relating to Steel Construction and Structural Engineering. 

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