Minimises building occupants risk and disruption of trade
Legislation stipulates that occupants of a building where asbestos/metal roof sheets are being removed vacate the premises. Leaving the existing roof covering in-situ allows the occupants of the building to continue with their ‘day to day’ business operations without costly disruptions to trade. Over-roofing also negates the consequential damage due to inclement weather & falling debris usually associated with conventional re-roofing. This is eliminated when over-roofing.

Eliminates rising costs associated with removal & disposal of asbestos
Legislation stipulates that the removal & disposal of asbestos may only be carried out by registered asbestos removal contractors. Removal & disposal costs are high due to safety procedures, transportation & disposal costs.

Labour & time savings
Leaving the existing roof covering in place eliminates the removal phase. This, in turn, reduces the duration of the project which contributes to significant financial savings.

Improved Health & Safety
The existing asbestos-cement/metal roof sheets remain in place, providing the contractor with a platform to work from. This significantly simplifies the fall protection plan required. The majority of loose asbestos fibres are present between the side laps of the existing asbestos-cement roof sheets. These fibres are only at risk of being released when the roof sheets are lifted and removed. Leaving the existing asbestos-cement roof sheets in position eliminates the risk of releasing fibres and exposing the contractor or occupants to contamination.

Energy Efficiency
Over-roofing with the Safintra® Roof Spacer System creates an engineered, structurally defined cavity between the old and new roof coverings. When insulated, this cavity dramatically improves the overall energy efficiency of the entire building. With ever-increasing electricity prices, energy consumption has become a big concern for most property owners and tenants. Significant financial savings are possible over the life cycle of the new roof covering when insulated appropriately.

Acoustic performance
Creation of an insulated cavity dramatically improves the acoustic performance of a roof. Acoustic performance is imperative when a conducive environment is required in places of learning, libraries, broadcasting facilities, courthouses etc.

Environmental benefits
Our landfill sites are filling up at a rapid rate. Over-roofing asbestos-cement roofs prevent further deterioration of the product rendering it inert & safe. Asbestos-cement products that are disposed of in landfill sites continue to degrade due to exposure to the elements. This continued uncontrolled deterioration has a severe impact on our already fragile environment.

Over-roofing incorporates a second layer of roof covering that provides additional security. The majority of commercial break-ins occur through the roof. This additional layer of roof covering provides an extra barrier to deter criminals.


A Bracket must always be placed within 100mm of each end of the total Safintra® Roof Spacer System section.




All spacer support systems are at risk during the installation stage when they are not restrained by the sheeting and are subjected to forces from foot traffic, temporary loading and high winds

Accurate, close-fitting and reliable bar connections are also required to ensure the stability of any spacer support system during construction with some systems even having to rely upon screw fixings to prevent their bars from separating**.

  • The Safintra® Roof Spacer system can accommodate any depth of insulation required by Legislation.
  • No need for bar end fixings saving time and cost.
  • Raises the standards for spacer support systems.
  • Maximum spigot efficiency is always achieved and a consistent module maintained.
  • Allows continuous load transfer throughout the bar run.
  • High-performance brackets with deeper ribs for improved structural performance.
  • Brackets include an EPDM base pad to eliminate thermal bridging.
  • No requirement for anti-sway brackets below 250mm * construction depth.
  • Quick, easy and safe insertion of brackets from the side or from the bar ends.
  • Brackets can be easily repositioned if required.
  • High fixing torque and increased pull out strengths achieved.
  • Comprehensive and friendly technical backup with nationwide distribution.
  • Products manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000

** Inline forces can be transmitted through the joint without the need for screw fasteners.
*For exceptional site loading conditions and for heights above 250mm advice on performance should be sought from the Safintra SA Technical Department.

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