Approved Roof Plans / Drawing & Warranties

Less expensive is not always the best choice. Saving money by using inexpensive roofing materials or inexperienced contractors can result in premature roof failure, and the unexpected maintenance costs could easily exceed the original costs savings.

Contact us now with your designs/plans to discuss your specific requirements. With a vast amount of experience we will be able to provide full specification guidance.

We offer installation warranties if you work through our accredited installers (Terms and Conditions apply).

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For a successful Zincal and Colorplus roof, a number of important rules must be applied.

These are: the appropriate selection of materials, correct handling on site, good installation practice and maintenance after the project has been completed.

  • The correct selection of material is essential. Use only AZ 150 along the coastal belt and use only AZ 200 within 1 kilometer from the Sea.
  • Adhere to the recommended roof pitch for the profile selected.
  • Storage on site must be in a cool and dry environment. Trapped moistures from rain or condensation between stacked sheets can cause damage to the coating surface.
  • Handle sheets on site with gloves, not only for personal protection. Certain sun creams can cause degradation of the coating surface.
  • Use the appropriate Fastener for the appropriate sheeting. Use a Class 3 for AZ150 and Class 4 for AZ200.
  • Avoid cutting on site, especially with an abrasive cutting disk (Grinder) and remove all swarf from the roof before leaving site.
  • Ensure that Flashings are made from the same material as the roof sheets to avoid incompatibility issues and resulting corrosion.
  • Ensure that a maintenance (post Construction) program is in place, especially for highly corrosive environments. This should include annual inspections of the roof, and regular cleaning of areas not washed by rain, such as the underside of exposed eaves.
  • Please request a copy of our Design and Installation Manual (refer page 21), or download from our website here (3mb).