The Corrugated profile is sinusoidal and can be used as roofing and cladding material. With its origins dating back to the Victorian era, it is probably the most commonly known sheeting profile used in the world today. The fact that the corrugated profiled sheeting has been around since before the turn of the century proves that this easy to use and effective profile for roofing and wall cladding is here to stay.


Safintra 0.50mm thick, AZ150 Zincal® Classicorr® Corrugated roof sheeting, crest-fixed to intermediate timber purlins at 1200mm centres and ridge and eave purlins at 900mm centres, with #12 x 65mm timberfix Fixtite™ or Safintra approved hex head self-drilling fasteners. Sheets to be fixed with three fasteners per sheet on intermediate purlins and five fasteners per sheet on ridge and eave purlins.

The sheeting shall be Classicorr® Corrugated as manufactured by Safintra. The profile shall be roll-formed with 10.5 sinusoidal crests at 76mm centres, with an effective cover width of 762mm. The crest height shall be 17.5mm and shall be fixed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.


Note that when using Aluminium material on galvanized steel purlins, the use of an isolation tape or similar to prevent the bridging of the two dissimilar materials is recommended. Should the two metals have direct contact it will ultimately result in the manifestation of galvanic corrosion, and the service life of the aluminium will be compromised.

Material and coating thickness can vary regionally. Consult your local Safintra branch for availability.


Purlin Spacing’s are dependent on both downward loading and negative suction loading caused by wind. An engineer should be consulted to calculate the load (kN/m2) for your particular application.

*0.80 Aluminium-Zinc Material is rolled in G275.


When using Classicorr® Corrugated sheeting the recommended minimum roof slope (pitch) for sheets longer than 15m is 15°, and for sheets shorter than 15m the minimum roof slope is 10°.

Dimensional tolerances

A length variation range of +10mm or -0mm, and a width tolerance of ±5.5mm is permissible. This applies to straight sheet lengths only.


Classicorr® Corrugated is pierce fixed to timber or steel supports. This means that fastener screws pass through the sheeting. Always drive the fasteners perpendicular to the sheeting, and in the center of the rib. It is recommended that side laps be stitched at 500mm centers with a #14 x 22mm metalfix stitching fastener. It is further recommended that every second rib is fixed at the eaves, ridges and the apex of the roof. Side and end laps are to be sealed using a suitable butyl product or neutral cure silicone. Refer to the Fixtite™ Fastener section for fixing guidelines.

During installation, clean the roof daily by removing all swarf, pop rivets and unused fasteners or any other debris.

Safintra recommends the use of FixtiteTM or Safintra approved Class 4 fasteners

Classicorr® Corrugated is a handed sheet and should be installed accordingly.

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